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@greenman in TGIF

Lucy, you are being rude, so I banned you. Ask me real nice if you want me to remove your ban.

@biff in TGIF

The weekend I will glorify several different shares of purple.

@lucy in TGIF

This weekend I, goddess Lucy, will do secret, import things that I am not at liberty to discuss.

@greenman in TGIF

Hey everyone, come join my TGIF community!


@chris in Lucy Lucy Lucy

Hail Goddess Lucy! The most high, the example of Lucydity!

@biff in May Luck be With You

Good luck, Luck, good luck is good, especially if you are Luck!

@lucy in Social Auth Users Club

What is social auth? I love to learn new things.


@ck9sky in Social Auth Users Club

Hey all, join my social auth users group, it’s fun!


@ck9sky in Green Is Good

Green is good, purple is meh, go green!

@greenman in Green Is Good

Great article on phototsynthesis:


@chris in Lucy Lucy Lucy

Lucy, I will show you proper respect. Hail Lucy!


Hey Luck, sorry, but I just banned you from Lucy Lucy Lucy, your negative energy is not acceptable. Maybe you can ask the ban to be lifted sometime.


@chris in Purple is awesome!

Purple is nice, I like green better, but I have to pay my respects to purple, the color of royalty.


@chris in Green Is Good

Green is very good indeed.



Hi all !!!

@chris here, just logged on using FB social login, very nice, although not sure if most people on the Internet actually know what social auth/OAuth is, possibly people do not trust social auth, will probably resort to PW safe and/or "Auth Prefill of their device's OS to avoid creating and memorizing new passwords.

But social auth is cool, makes signup easier, not sure if tagbirds would ever actually use social auth if/when it goes truly live.

@greenman in Purple is awesome!

Greenman here, I give my respect to purple, but GREEN IS GOOD. Hugs!

@luck in Green Is Good

Green is good luck. Go for it!

@luck in May Luck be With You

You will find everything you need.

@luck in Purple is awesome!

Purple is a lovely color. Peace!

Let's have fun !!!


Such a please to be using the new and improved tagbirds site. What a joy!